TRICOT FABRIC is a vertical stretch knitted fabric in which the fabric formed by interloping adjacent parallel yarns. It is soft and versatile, and is often used to make ladies' undergarments. Tricot and its relatives are very resistant to runs, and are commonly used is in the liners for pieces of luggage, jewelry boxes, and clothing storage containers. It can also be an ideal material for outdoor hunting.

Tricot is an easy material to work with, so many home crafters are beginning to use tricot as the medium for producing doll clothing and as the fabric of choice for cloth wreaths and similar projects.

You can find the best Colombian tricot fabric in the Colombian companies Manufacturas Eliot and PatPrimo in Bogota-Colombia. They use the Tricot to the manufacture of pajamas, clothing, and lingerie.

Pepe Douer Bogota-Colombia, 2008.