JOSE (PEPE) DOUER, fondly known as Don Pepe (Jose), is the major shareholder of Manufacturas Eliot, an industrial textile and clothing company ranked among the 100 biggest Colombian companies, as well as among the biggest textile groups of the country, with an experience of more than 50 years within the Colombian market. In addition to Eliot, the Douer family is the main shareholder of Primatela and Facol. Don Pepe (Jose) is also the main shareholder of CM& News Colombia. Manufacturas Eliot manufactures clothes and is Colombia’s top company in knitted fabric.

50 years ago, in 1957, Pepe (Jose) Douer launched the Pat Primo brand of clothing, which was a revolution in textile industry since at that time in Colombia clothes were made up in small quantities and at home workshops.

One of Pepe (José) Douer’s most notable values is his interest in and commitment to each one of his employees and their families, whom never hesitate to ask him for advice. No effort is excessive for Don Pepe (José) regarding this matter.

Among the different entrepreneurial social responsibility activities carried out by Pepe (Jose) Douer and his family we may find:

  • A special assistance to women head of the family, giving priority to the creation of employment for this sector of population, due to its significant impact on the whole family’s welfare, and supporting their basic needs of education, health, employment, and leisure.
  • A permanent support for the Colegio San Francisco de Asís, Colombia.
  • Support for Tejido Humano [Human Weave], Colombia
  • Creation and funding of the Hogar Nueva Granada Foundation
Pepe Douer Bogota-Colombia, 2008.